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Escritório Sagrada Família
Escritório Baixa
Say My Name
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Casa Rio
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Festa das Mesas 2014
Radio Palace
Dulcineia Bar
Ding Dong Store
Festa das Mesas 2019

António Pinto - Photography

The Arc

António Moutinho - Photography

Festa das Mesas 2018

Montse Garriga - Photography

Casa Teatro
Casa Miramar
Casa Restelo

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Ding Dong, The Journey

Tapestry Ferreira de Sá

Lisbon Roots


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Fuel Lisbon

Casa Rio
Apartamento Parque da Cidade
For years, the core mission of Galerie MCDE has been to keep the genius of Pierre Chareau alive, perpetuating his know-how thanks to the manufacturing skills of a handful of French craftsmen.

DING DONG is dedicated to creating architectural projects and interiors with timeless atmospheres.

Since its formation in 2012, it has been developing a series of projects that have been highlighted in some of the most respected publications in the field. This path, marked by its very own identity, culminated in 2019 with the DING DONG’s selection for the restricted group of one hundred studios in the world to feature in the 23rd volume of the Andrew Martin Interior Design Review and the recognition of its creative director, Michael Miranda, as a prominent interiors influencer by AD Spain.

Its creative philosophy maintains the same structuring principles, whether it is applied to the domestic environment or to the corporative domain. Architecture, contemporary art, music, cinema and fashion are part of the daily life of this team and they provide them inspiration, revealed in the everyday live settings they create. Each developed project pursues harmony in the proportions of architecture, in the balance of forms and in the original and engaging use of materials and colours.

Its experience and dynamic work provides each customer with elegant spaces, adjusted to their personalities and life styles. The purpose is to correspond architecture and its spaces with the most demanding circumstances, through an eloquent and sensitive approach. It provides a customized service in order to fulfill this purpose, achieving an adequate response through a close and attentive contact with the costumer.

The STUDIO, in Porto, is the laboratory of their creative experiments. One will hardly find it looking the same twice. Combining the company’s most recent furniture design, antiques, long revered artists as well as emerging ones, it maintains an ever-changing, inventive atmosphere, that reflects the work being done by DING DONG.

Coupled with the desire to increasingly explore the scale of furniture and objects, naturally arises the interest of being present in Lisbon. And so, in 2019, DING DONG STORE was born, making its collection available to a wider audience and, at the same time, creating a new work space and meeting room to support the numerous works in progress.

The STORE is much more than just a shop. It’s an undeniable showcase of the quality, creativity and identity that characterize the projects developed over the years by the STUDIO, whether it concerns to the spaces or to the careful selection of the pieces that inhabit them.

Michael Miranda
creative director / architect / partner
Davide Gomes
financial director / engineer and pg. general management / partner
Rita Roma
project manager / architect
Rita Besteiro
project manager / architect
Olga Amarante
new product development manager / architect
Bruno Cruz
office assistant and warehouse manager
Teresa Marques dos Santos
sales advisor
André Antunes
3D visualization specialist / designer

Rua da Cerca, 426
4150-201 Porto
(+351) 226 183 117
Rua da Imprensa à Estrela,17
1200-684 Lisboa
(+351) 213 961 079
Rua da Cerca, 395
4150-204 Porto
(+351) 226 183 117
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